more than a drink

What is raki?

About raki

Raki is more than just a drink. Raki is an experience that comes alive with different emotions, such as pleasure, amusement and euphoria. Raki is a with anise flavored spirit from the Anatolian region that is gaining popularity worldwide.

Own character

Raki is an eccentric Turkish anise drink, which belongs to a separate category of aniseed drinks due to its characteristics such as production with aniseeds with an exceptional aroma, distillation process in traditional copper alembics and no addition of additional sugars.  

Characteristics of raki

These essences are the core of raki. Raki is distilled in a special way, creating an unprecedented taste. When the raki comes into contact with water, a unique white color is created. The taste, smell and color are the typical characteristics of raki 

How to drink


Raki has a drinking etiquette which is indispensable. The raki experience starts with taking your time with friends and family to create moments of joy. What makes the raki experience special is the culture that raki brings with it: mezzer, fish dishes and traditional music. Discover the raki experience.

start your journey

Raki is often drunk in combination with water and ice cubes. When adding water to raki, the transparent color transforms into a white color. This is the well-known color of raki. For an ideal taste, the raki, water and glass should be cooled to about 8 degrees Celsius.



Raki would not be raki without anise (Pimpinella Anisum). The seeds of this plant have special aromas that give the raki a unique taste and smell. Anise is native to western Asia and the eastern part of the Mediterranean. 

Different names

Raki-like drinks based on anise have been known for centuries in the Mediterranean under different names such as anis, arak, pastis, ouzo, sambuca and zivania.